With a some faery magic and the enduring love of the girl of his destiny, who also happens to be half faery, "The Lord of Elphindale" learns there is no place like home in Jo Beverley's captivating tale.

Karen Harbaugh delights with her heart-warming rendition of Rapunzel in "The Faery Braid." A lonely lord finds healing and love in the arms of an enchanted lady only to discover she is ensorcelled and cannot leave the realm of her magical cottage and garden.

In Barbara Samuels' bewitching "The Love Talker," the greatest rake in the faery kingdom succumbs to love as he learns the value of life.

Granted her heart's desire in exchange for a promise to a faery lord, a young girl finds love and happiness in Mary Jo Putney's "Dangerous Gifts." Will she lose all when the faery lord comes to claim his promise?

Readers will glory in these mesmerizing, heart-warming tales of faery love. Bringing tears and smiles, these enchanting stories will linger in your heart. (Jan., 351 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabell Cox