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Image of Faery Queen: Realm Immortal Book Two


Image of Faery Queen: Realm Immortal Book Two

Pillow's portrait of a faery realm is
a bit dark. Scenes set in the mortal sphere are often graphic, with headless just-born foals and dismembered body parts flying at the hero. A restored-to-life character from a previous book is horrific in appearance, so readers prone to nightmares may want to give this book a pass. But those who are hardy and brave will applaud this tale
of love.

Tania, a faery queen, makes a pact with Lucien, the dark and evil King of the Damned. Her goal is to get back the man she fell in love with, and who vowed to come back to her once his sister was safe.

Hugh, the lord of Bellemare, never lived up to his promise, and with Tania's magic and looks fading, she needs him to love her again. But Hugh's wrath is hot when he discovers what Tania has done. He leaves the faery realm to find his brothers -- sure Lucien has taken them prisoner. Soon he realizes he loves Tania but fears he may be too late to save his brothers, his home and the dying faery queen. (Samhain, Jan., 233 pp., $13.00)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith