Image of Fair Game


Image of Fair Game

Haynes delivers more hot sex in a business setting. The main characters are likable, although some of their actions and decisions seem questionable and come off as immature or harsh. Too much "he thinks, she thinks" slows the action, but the story wraps up neatly. You can also catch up with characters from Haynes' previous books.

Josie takes a no-nonsense approach to her job, although she keeps having to prove that she knows her business and that her family relationships have nothing to do with it. When an unexpected, anonymous sexual encounter in an elevator leads to a sizzling affair based on erotic games, her social life intersects with work. Things come to a head when she's suddenly promoted. Soon she must re-evaluate her approach to work and personal relationships. (HEAT, Jun., 336 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan