Image of Fair Game (Alpha and Omega)


Image of Fair Game (Alpha and Omega)

The Alpha and Omega series gets its next transfixing installment as Anna and Charles undertake a critical assignment. This procedural hunt for a serial killer is mesmerizing and breathtakingly intense. Briggs never disappoints!

Ever since werewolf leader Bran had to bring werewolves out into the open, he has had to deal harshly with those who harm humans. Regrettably that means that Charles has been sent to kill a lot of werewolves. Haunted by guilt, Charles is emotionally on edge and shutting out his mate Anna. To help save Charles’ sanity and assist the FBI with a request, Charles and Anna head to Boston to track a serial killer. Upon seeing the evidence, they realize that the prolific serial killer is targeting mainly the fae or werewolves. When a new victim is snatched, Charles and Anna join forces with the FBI Task Force to find this killer before he kills yet again. (ACE, Mar., 304 pp., $26.95)

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