Image of Fair Game


Image of Fair Game

Filled with excitement and action, this third entry in the Guardian series is a video game come to life. As a human disease and a computer virus merge to wreak havoc on an already ravaged Earth, Keating gives new meaning to a virtual malfunction! With a wide, eclectic cast of characters, this follow-up to Mind Games delivers quite an emotional punch, including a healthy dose of discovery and growth.

River Weston has created a piece of military software called Hollow Man, allowing users to go above ground and fight enemies without harm to their physical bodies. Unfortunately, there is a glitch in the program: It might be transmitting a hybrid supervirus to innocent victims. Guardian Chase Hawkins is on his way to Earth to reunite with River -— and to complete his mission to destroy all technology in order to safeguard the planet. Now River and Hawk must work together to save Earth — and their love — without more death and destruction. (TOR, Sep., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren Becker