Image of Fair Haven (Castlelough Series Book 2)


Image of Fair Haven (Castlelough Series Book 2)

Dr. Erin OHalloran has spent her career answering the call of those in desperate need around the world. However, this time it is her best friend Dr. Tom Flannery who needs her assistance. Years ago, Tom was subjected to dangerous gasses that are now slowly killing him. Erin goes to his hometown of Castlelough, Ireland to care for Tom and his small medical practice.

World-famous photographer Michael Joyce has also returned home to Castlelough. An unexpected visit from the mother of a deceased ex-girlfriend introduces him to his 8-year-old daughter. Despite his shock, Michael finds his heart touched by his beautiful, if apprehensive young daughter.

As an American, Erin finds that she fits in easily with the locals. Her attraction to Michael is intense and almost has the feel of predestination. Both Michael and Erins emotional strength will be tested as potential tragedy lies just around the corner.

JoAnn Ross triumphs again! Not only does she provide her usual impressive blend of tender warmth and fascinating characters, but she also adds a colorful dash of the supernatural. The talent for great storytelling is obviously deeply imbedded in this authors voice. (Sep., 432 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith