The lovely Lady Priscilla Flanders and her dear friend and partner in crime solving, Sir Neville Hathaway, are expecting to enjoy a lovely family holiday when a local lord holds a faire on his grounds. Unfortunately, their trouble begins when some of the guests are threatened with deadly injury or killed outright. With odd rivals and old acquaintances from his not-so-sterling past, Sir Neville and Lady Priscilla must find out who is behind the murderous assaults and why—before anyone else is harmed. It seems that anyone, including Lady Priscilla and Sir Neville themselves, is FAIRE GAME (4.5) to the murderer. To the delight of the many fans of this intrepid pair of sleuths, Jo Ann Ferguson has catapulted the duo into a third adventure that is a deliciously wicked tale of knight errantry and illusions, gallant betrothals and callous betrayals. (Jun., 224 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck