Erickson pens an original, sexy tale
that blends tenderness and humor.
The characters are vulnerable but
willing to take a chance on love. Passionate love scenes fill this lovely tale. Readers will realize that one
naïve fairy plus one love-shy man equals a story to remember.

Lily, a holiday fairy, learns that teaching a man how to love again is her new assignment for Christmas. Not sure what human love entails, she decides the best way for Dr. Tim Killian to rediscover it is to fall in love with her.

Tragedy has replaced Tim's joyous Christmas memories. His usual strategy of working through the holidays is disrupted when he literally bumps into a beautiful woman. He wants to reach out to the charming Lily, but he knows that she is keeping secrets from him. Can two people who have no plan to fall in love surrender to its power? (Cobblestone-Press.com, dl $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart