Jillian Hunter performs magic in this incredible, funny, sensual, charming, enchanting and wondrous tale of a wee Scottish witch and a proud, tormented chieftain.

"Still like it or not..." states the book, "the chieftain had come home." After fifteen years, Duncan MacElgin has come home to find a way to keep his rebellious clansmen in line. But before he can even see his crumbling castle he is ambushed by a band led by a mere slip of a woman.

Marsali Hay is convinced that the red coat has to be their enemy and orders the clan to attack, leaving Duncan naked and furious. Of course, Marsali has heard of the bastard with the devil's reputation, but it's hard to believe that Duncan is that man.

Duncan plots his revenge against Marsali and the clan, but the best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry.

From the eccentric clansmen and women to Marsali's uncle, the wizard, twin pigs, overbearing cook and ex-fianc's aunt, Duncan is caught in a trap of his own making. Plagued by the ghosts of his past, he cannot believe in his own goodness, but Marsali does.

She will drive away the suitors to whom he plans to marry her. She will push away his demons with her impish manner and innocent sensuality. And she will fight for his soul, even when Duncan will not. Not his anger, her daring or the walls of a convent can keep the little witch from casting spells and winning Duncan's heart.

You'll be surrounded by enchantment from first page to last as you are drawn into Jillian Hunter's exquisite romance. FAIRY TALE is just that: a story that beguiles, enthralls and captivates the reader by its sheer beauty and warmth. This is a "feel good" heart-soaring read that will remain with you for a long time. Read and savor the pleasure. SWEET (Apr., 348 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin