Adam Reid can't believe it when he stumbles across a hidden doorway into the magical land of Rush. Before returning him to the mortal world, the beautiful pregnant Fairy Princess Marire reveals that someday it will be his destiny to help return the exiled twin princesses to Rush.

Brigit Malone always believed she was special. None of the other orphans had their own personal fairytale book that told of twin fairy sisters destined to fight an evil prince. As she grows older, Brigit learns to accept that there is no Rush or twin sister. When a fire destroys the orphanage, Brigit is rescued by Raze Malone, an elderly homeless man and together they do whatever is necessary to survive on the streets.When Brigit's extraordinary artistic ability is discovered, she is coerced into forging masterpieces for the evil Zaslow.

Unlike her twin sister, Bridin knows the truth of their unusual heritage. Following the death of her adoptive parents, Bridin fell into the hands of the Dark Prince. Somehow bridin must get a message to Brigit, that now is the time for them to return to fight for the throne of Rush.

Adam Reid lost his trust in women long ago so when Brigit tries to strike up a relationship, he is immediately suspicious. Brigit hates the deceit she must practice, but unless she finds a way to copy Adam's mystical painting, Zaslow with kill Raze. Despite their efforts, the emotional and sensual tie between Brigit and Adam grows. Will they have the strength to fulfill their destinies?

Category author Maggie Shayne makes an awesome single title debut with FAIRYTALE, her extraordinarily captivating and exhilarating story of mortals, fairies and the forces of good and evil. This guaranteed page-turner will leave you panting for more! (May, 384 pp, $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith