In the debut of Ms. Copelands Brides of the West series, Faith Kallahan and her sisters, Hope and June, decide to embark on new lives as mail-order brides so as not to burden their elderly aunt after their father dies. First to marry is Faith, who sets off for Texas and the farmer who promises to always care for her. But much to the dismay of Nicholas Shepherd, her groom-to-be, Faith arrives lateand on the back of a donkey, no less.

After a series of botched attempts to say their vows, Faith wonders if shes made a terrible mistake. But instead of hopping the next stage out of town, she turns to the Lord to guide her. Though she must deal with Nicholas disapproval and with his mean-spirited mother, Faith is determined to win them both over.

With her trademark blend of romance and laughter, Ms. Copeland treats her fans to everything they love and expect from her. At the same time, she welcomes inspirational readers who may be unfamiliar with her work to her unique and enjoyable storytelling style. (Fall, 346 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Diane Johnson