Image of Faith


Image of Faith

Clark's offshoot from Grace is just as sprightly, enchanting and fun as its predecessor and will be adored by marriage-of-convenience fans. Clark hits all the right notes as her likable characters play out their sweet love story.

Even though her sister Grace is happily married, Faith Ackerly shies away from marriage. Prim and proper, she has no use for Gareth Lloyd, a womanizing younger son recently come into a title.

Gareth appears to be taking his new duties seriously, but Faith doesn't believe he's changed for an instant. Still, he is attractive, kind and easy to talk to, which is how she ends up kissing him in the garden at a ball. Which wouldn't be a problem, except they're seen by the ton's worst gossip. The compromised pair marries and then quickly leaves for Gareth's country estate. Faith has given up any hope of love, but somehow the newlyweds forget their stubbornness and fears and discover the passion and tenderness they both desire. (LEISURE, Jan., 287 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin