Jesse Savage was a good, tough cop, until the day he and his family were murdered. Jesses younger brother, Jason, got into trouble with the wrong crowd and when Jesse came home, he found them threatening both Jason and their little sister Rachel.

When it was all over, Jesse lay dying, knowing that he had failed to save his younger siblings. Now, before being offered an eternity of peace, Jesse must fulfill one last task.

Faith Jansen is a childrens advocate whose home for troubled kids, Faiths House, has been a respected program for a number of years. Unfortunately, Faiths dreams are crushed by the accidental death of one of her kids. Faith has no emotional strength left to deal with her enormous problems, and turns the program over to her second-in-command Bradley Winter.

Jesses difficult assignment is to find a way to give Faith back her heart and vision. Its not an easy job for an angel with little faith himself. Faith is both attracted to and confused by the enigmatic man who shows up on her doorstep looking for work. Will Jesses campaign give Faith new life?

The powerful and sometimes conflicting emotions of pain, guilt, joy, loss and love are delicately explored in gifted author Kimberly Rayes new novel. (Feb., 359 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith