Image of Falco: The Dark Guardian


Image of Falco: The Dark Guardian
FALCO: THE DARK GUARDIAN (4.5) by Sandra Marton: Someone is stalking actress Elle Bissett, and they definitely mean her harm. Falco Orsini’s mob boss father convinces him to take over bodyguarding duties for Elle, despite the fact that Falco has a multimillion-dollar corporation of his own to run. Elle doesn’t want any extra protection, not even from the drop-dead handsome Falco. But as the danger gets closer, Elle clings to Falco — for more than just her safety. Fans who like thrills, chills and danger mixed in with their romance will love this story. Elle’s courage and defiance in the face of the horrific abuse she suffered as a child make her that much more appealing — and Falco is an easy hero to fall in love with!
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Rhomylly Forbes