Image of Falcon's Captive


Image of Falcon's Captive

Harper’s falcon shapeshifter story features stereotypical erotic themes such as “her body betrayed her” and “he could do anything to her” played out in a captive situation with mild bondage. The heroine’s judgment is questionable and the tension between two diverse cultures is too easily resolved.

Jola, a falcon shapeshifter, is captured by Nakos, one of the Ekewoko warriors who killed her mate. The Ekewoko have been driven from their land by another tribe and are in the Screaming Wind land on a mission to capture falcons to use as weapons to win back their homeland. Jola will be taken back to the shaman to be interrogated and trained as a sex slave since Ekewoko believe that women are ruled by their sexuality and can be controlled in that manner. Nakos and Jola feel a strong attachment and sexual attraction, but Nakos is not aware of Jola’s true nature. (APHRODISIA, Aug., 256 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan