Image of The Falcon Prince (Princes of Symtaria)


Image of The Falcon Prince (Princes of Symtaria)

The second book in Kelley’s Prince of Symtaria series will be appreciated by readers who enjoy light humor and sexy supernatural high jinks. Kelley incorporates small-town life in this quirky and adventurous story, adding to the plot’s originality. Although the repetitiveness of the love scenes and the book’s very abrupt ending leave more to be desired, this is funny and sexy, with characters we can relate to — minus the shapeshifting alien aspects, of course.

Rianna Lancaster lives in small-town Miller Bend, Texas, and has always had a special connection and relationship with animals. Despite her success with her dog-grooming business, Rianna continually fails in the romance department. Rianna is also known as the town nutcase, because of the voice in her head named Shintara who constantly challenges her to seek more out of life. While she’s jogging in the forest one afternoon, handsome and sexy Prince Kristor materializes out of the fog in the form of a falcon and tries to convince Rianna that she is descended from a royal line of shapeshifters from outer space. Initially terrified, Rianna soon falls for irresistible Kristor and learns that she has way more in common with him than she thinks. (BRAVA, Jul., 320 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun