Thompson's intriguing time travel intelligently blends 17th-century Irish legend with Regency sensibilities, passion, mystery and a wondrous love story of two engaging characters -- the stuff of myth and magic.

After several unsuccessful seasons, Theodosia Barrington is betrothed to handsome, titled Nigel Cosgrove. But there's something disturbing about him -- and it's not just the rumors about his implication in a murder. Theodosia puts aside her misgivings until she arrives at Cosgrove Castle and Nigel is attracted by a mysterious black falcon when he assaults Theo.

It's when she walks through an ancient ruin and is swept back in time that she believes the stories of the legendary part-Gypsy/part-Celt warrior Drumcondra are true. Drumcondra plans to hold the Cosgrove wench prisoner. The Cosgroves betrayed his clan, and revenge is sweet. When Theodosia discovers the truth about Drumcondra's death she vows to save him, even if she must bring him to the 19th century. Little do they realize they are fated to be one, and it's their love that will save Drumcondra, the clan and bring Nigel to justice. (Love Spell, Sep., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin