A powerful debut novel by an exciting new talent, FALCON'S FIRE will ignite your imagination and passion for medieval romance.

Lady Martine of Rouen knows that marriages are not necessarily love matches, but are arranged for land and alliances. She will never die broken-hearted like her mother, and thus she accepts her betrothal to an English nobleman.

Thorne Falconer, a proud man bent on gaining his own land, organizes Martine's marriage and is to escort her to her groom. But once they meet neither can ignore the sparks of passion.

Martine and Thorne struggle against their mutual attraction and Martine goes to her husband willingly, but when he proves to be abusive she has no choice but to flee to Thorne and the safety he offers.

There is no doubt that this tale of forbidden love, liberally laced with accurate historical details and seeping romance, will become a medieval romance lover's "keeper" and place Patricia Ryan among the ranks of Anita Mills, Roberta Gellis and Denise Domning. SENSUAL (Dec., 415 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin