William of Brinlaw regains his family home when the king decrees he marry the deceased lords daughter, Alista. After her fathers death Alista believes William was chosen by her beloved father and marries him.

Still grieving, Alista turns to William for comfort and in her innocence, passion flares. But treachery undermines their lives when William is accused of murdering Alistas father. Passion that flames so quickly can easily turn into other emotions. Alista is torn between loving William and fearing he is a killer.

While William is to prove his innocence in trial by combat, Alista has been having strange dreams that lead her to learn about her heritage. Yet, even her new knowledge and Williams triumph cannot bring peace until all the villains have been vanquished.

While this is a familiar storyline, A FALCONS HEART is an enchanting love story. Ms. Wylie takes the tried-and-true and carries it off with a fresh approach, strong characters and good verbal repartie. Well worth the read. SENSUAL (Jul., 436 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager