Lynn carries on her tradition of producing love stories full of suspense, romantic characters, humor and a can't-wait-to-read-it happy ending. The hero and heroine are made for one another -- both are headstrong and warriors in spirit and heart. There's good historical detail and awesome secondary characters from previous books.

Bryce, the new Lord of Ashforde Keep, is furious. Someone has torched his home, and he will have revenge. His plan is simple: have someone kidnap the daughter of his new enemy and then rescue her so he can gain entry into Comte Rhys of Faucon's stronghold. But his plan goes awry when the fiery Marianne tries to gut him with a cutlery knife and he falls prey to her warrior heart.

Marianne is tired of being treated like a child. She's a woman and wants to experience the love and lust of a man. But not just any man -- one who will make her moan in the bedchamber and cherish and safely guard the gift of her heart. She believes Bryce is that man, but misunderstandings and treason make him an easy target for her family's wrath. She vows to save him from certain death and, in doing so, finds that a love worth having is also a love worth dying for. (Harlequin, Jan., 304 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith