To reclaim his family's honor, Sir Gareth accepts King Stephen's mission to escort Lady Rhian of Gervaise to her mother's family.

Raised by her father, Rhian cannot remember the mother who abandoned her as an infant. She is determined never to set foot on her mother's island home, fearing that the rumors about the family's ties to black magic are true.

Gareth never expects that he will be attracted to the lady, or that she will be so determined to escape. Yet after several suspicious accidents, Gareth realizes there might be some truth to Rhian's concerns. Trapped between what he knows is honorable, what the king desires and what would be best for Rhian, Gareth finds himself on the verge of a surprising discovery.

Nonstop action, a marvelous captive/captor plotline, a hint of fantasy and more than a touch of passion converge, making this book a memorable romance and a feast for fans of medieval romance. SENSUAL (Mar. 300 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin