As retribution for his part in the scandal that resulted in death for King Henry's mistress, Sabin FitzSimon travels to the Holy Land for absolution.

He and his companions, the knight Strongfist and his daughter Annais, follow the difficult road together. Though convent-bred, Annais does not have the true calling to become a nun, and her father hopes to find her an honorable husband. That means Sabin is off limits.

But the trials they share on both the journey and as they settle into their new homeland bring Annais and Sabin closer together. Annais falls in love with the country, its people and Sabin, and will need all the courage she possesses not only to survive, but also to claim Sabin's love.

Chadwick is a grand mistress of the medieval period. This time she sweeps readers across the European continent and into the Holy Land for another extraordinary reading experience. Chadwick breathes life into a time and place so that readers feel, see, smell and touch everything her characters experience. This is historical fiction at its best. SWEET (Aug., 380 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin