Renowned beauty Juliane of Santora is also known to be as cold as ice. It's said that no man can "stand" against "Juliane le Gel" or "Lady Frost."

Ulrich of Caen, a well-known seducer of women, and two companions arrive at Santora. Ulrich is determined to be the flame that melts Juliane's ice. While the two potential lovers continuously battle each other and their desires, many other characters intervene.

When Juliane's father takes ill, he does what he must to protect his daughter—marry her to Ulrich. Dutifully Juliane goes through with the marriage but is kidnapped on her wedding day. Will Ulrich be in time to save her—and can they get past each other's lies and misstatements to live as one?

The Fall is rich in history and visual description. It's a wonderful idea that moved a little too slowly for this reviewer, who would have enjoyed this lively tale more if the battling couple had been together earlier in the story. SENSUAL (Sep., 374 pp., $5.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager