At the age of twelve Lily watched her parents murdered at the hands of the Sharpe gang and then found herself "adopted" by these same ruthless men. She learned to be smart, cunning and as much an outlaw as any man in the gang, thus becoming known as "Lily the Cat." But Lily never forgot what Hank Sharpe did to her and lived for revenge. She waited for the perfect moment and then betrayed them.

Texas Sharpe wanted revenge against the woman who double-crossed his father: the woman who was his wife. Believing Lily had deceived him, he is out to find her, break his father out of jail and see her punished.

Texas locates Lily easily and his love and desire for her nearly cloud his judgment. He is ready to believe her lies when he uncovers her perfidy. Now bent upon his own revenge, he drags Lily with him to his half-sister's ranch.

Jocelyn Sharpe has lived a sheltered life, innocent of her father's ruthlessness, but she romanticized about his life until she created a hero for a father. But when she befriends Lily, Jocelyn opens her eyes to the truth and as her brother plans the jail break all three become ensnared in a web where the threads of good and evil, love and hate, father and son are difficult to untangle.

Megan Chance delves deeply into the heart and soul of western romance to write the "pulls no punches," powerful, gripping and emotional romance. Like Francine Rivers' and Jill Gregory's classics tales of the wild and harsh west, FALL FROM GRACE recreates the atmosphere and the danger perfectly. Megan Chance once more demonstrates that she is an author of great talent and a brilliant storyteller. SENSUAL (Feb., 360 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin