As an ex-member of the British Intelligence group of spies known only as The Ten, Gabriel Loudon, the Earl of Rievaulx, is haunted by the deaths of his friends and comrades. Gabriel drifts from day to day in an inebriated state of bliss, hoping to drown the memories.

When his best friend, Nathan Paget, Marquess of Oriel, who is also one of the elusive Ten, bids him journey to Skye to capture the French spy known as The Scot, Gabriel sees a way to right his past mistakes.

The family of Nathans wife, Isobel, lives on , and Gabriel intends to seek them out. Once he has a foot in the door, hopefully the islanders will allow him to gather information leading to The Scot. Inexorably drawn to Isobels sister, Maggie, Gabriel finds the barriers around his heart crumbling with each moment he spends in her presence.

Brimming with the wild beauty of the Isle of Skye, ghostly legends, and island lore, FALLEN is a wondrous tale to while away a spring evening. Once again, love mends wounded hearts as Gabriel learns to forgive himself for past mistakes and Maggie learns to trust. SENSUAL (Apr., 310 pp., $6.60) B

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor