Lebbon writes a succinct, if gory, novel. Based on one of the most complex relationships you will ever read about, it follows two explorers on a journey never before successfully completed. Lebbon's characterization is spot on, and his simple prose is engaging. This
is a great story.

Encountering myth made real, sorcery and lost gods along the way, Nomi and Ramus must overcome a core of betrayal and deceit in order to become the greatest voyagers ever. With their band of hired Serian guards, they set out to conquer the Great Divide, a mountainous region so high the clouds eclipse its top. Ramus' not-so-well-hidden illness and Nomi's dark secret stand between them and might just be the catalyst for their failure. (BANTAM SPECTRA, May, 448 pp., $12.00)
Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs