Image of Fallen


Image of Fallen

FALLEN (4.5) by Michele Hauf: Sinistari demon Pyxion the Other has been sent from Beneath to kill a fallen angel named Juphiel before he impregnates his muse, thus creating an evil, flesh- and blood-eating nephilim to walk the Earth. But when Pyxion finds Juphiel, he’s calling himself Cooper Truhart, and the last thing he wants is to father a monster with some poor, unsuspecting woman. In fact, Cooper’s done everything he can — or so he thinks — to avoid the lure of his muse because he’s determined to have Pyx. Fallen is a mixture of the biblical and mythological that works together to create a fascinating paranormal world. The story is full of action, and the chemistry between Pyx and Cooper is fierce.

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay