Image of Fallen Angel (Club Burlesque)


Image of Fallen Angel (Club Burlesque)

This follow-up to Blue Angel returns to the world of burlesque, and Belle’s characters are again testing their boundaries. Add third and fourth parties and the dance floor gets a little crowded and the kink factor climbs! There are multiple distractions, in the form of other performers and their outside relationships, and one character in particular forces issues that not all readers will be comfortable with. In the end, the narrative could have been more tightly constructed.

As Mallory and Alec’s relationship grows, the bumps (and grinds) along the way are the focus of this tale. Mallory is serious about making burlesque her career but needs her day job as a paralegal to pay the bills. There, she is tempted by her boss to take their flirtation to another level. Adding to her challenges is Alec’s desire to add another person — perhaps his co-worker, Violet — into their relationship. (APHRODISIA, Oct., 252 pp, $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins