Image of Fallen Angels


Image of Fallen Angels

FALLEN ANGELS is a Lori Foster treasure, containing reissues of "Beguiled" and "Wanton," plus a brand new novella, "Uncovered."

In "Uncovered," Harris cannot figure out what has gotten into his sensible buddy, Clair. She's taken on a new persona ever since Harris discovered a box of nude photos of a mysterious woman—a woman who left behind love letters about him! If only he could see the mystery woman's face, he might be able to identify her. But while he tries to sleuth out her identity, Harris can't help but notice Clair's intriguing and enticing reaction to his search. Surprisingly, his fantasies begin to star not only the mystery woman but Clair too!

Clair is ready to strangle her ex-boyfriend for abandoning the box of nude photos of her. She did not even know the sneak took the pictures. But now Harris, the man of her dreams, is totally obsessed with tracking down this woman. Clair never dreamed her rival for Harris would be herself.

Foster's unique blend of sensuality and tender romance shines through, once again, in "Uncovered." Loyal fans will be delighted with her skillful combining of characters from two previous series and new readers are sure to be captivated! (Feb., 448 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell