Image of Fallen Angels (Mercy Alcutt)


Image of Fallen Angels (Mercy Alcutt)

The suspense is top-notch in the latest Mercy Allcutt book, and the humor between Mercy and her snooty Boston mother is hysterical. The theatrical world of L.A. is extremely fun and the feelings of love growing between Mercy and Ernie are getting stronger with each book. A great cozy mystery.

Mercy loves living with her pregnant sister Chloe, who is married to one of the top studio heads in L.A. Chloe has announced that she is moving to an up-and-coming area called Beverly Hills that the likes of Pickford and Fairbanks are now calling home, but Mercy wants to stay close to her place of business. She is completely loyal to Ernie, a private investigator — and her boss — who has just been hired by Persephone Chalmers to find her missing jewelry. When Ernie doesn’t come back from the meeting with his client, Mercy goes to the house and finds Mrs. Chalmers murdered and Ernie drugged and tied to an upstairs bed. As the police get involved, Mercy can see that Ernie is most definitely their prime suspect, and pitches in to help solve the case. (FIVE STAR, May, 200 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Amy Lignor