With her writing career on the skids, author Sara Diamond moves into a much cheaper apartment. There she meets neighbor Ryan Kinsmore. They become fast friends and their ties grow tighter, eventually turning friendship into love. But Ryan hides a dark truth: He's a high-priced male escort whose sexual expertise is a prime commodity.

Forced onto the streets as a teenager, Ryan got trapped in a world of danger, sex, abuse and lies. His "rescue" by a powerful madam named Catherine seemed a gift of life at the time, but it came with a very high price tag. Can Ryan find a way out of this dangerous world? Can Sara accept his past?

FALLEN FROM GRACE is an amazingly powerful, emotional and thought-provoking book that transfixed this reviewer from beginning to end. Readers will find that Leone's gift for storytelling shines in a truly provocative, gritty, tender and unforgettable story. (Jul., 386 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith