Kim Peterson's mother dies of cancer the night of her junior prom. Her best friend loses her virginity and withdraws into depression. Her visiting aunt and cousin turn their home into a war zone. And Kim is dating a boy she totally "gets," but he doesn't "get" her faith.

As the anonymous author of an advice column, "Just Ask Jamie," Kim would like someone to give her some answers for a change. But even God is silent. Grieving and feeling abandoned, Kim has nowhere to fall but up into God's arms.

Carlson's insights into the teenage heart would melt a stone. This fresh Diary of a Teenage Girl series may be her best yet. She's got a rare knack for knowing when to "tell" the story and when to "show" it through Kim's riveting voice. (Jan., 300 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson