Living down her family's eccentric reputation is a life-long battle for April Finnegan. When she loses her job, she becomes obsessed with getting it back and proving her worth. April makes a deal with her former boss: she can have her job back at Ambrosia catering if she brings new accounts with her.

Being dumped at his very public wedding is a huge blow to department store heir Ryan Forrester. For the first time in his life, Ryan starts to re-evaluate his carefree lifestyle. Determined to make something of himself, he decides to try out a new marketing idea. Ryan will use the little town of Saguro Vista, CA as the model for his expansive plans.

The only hitch is that Ryan suddenly finds himself competing for accounts against the highly determined April. Frustrated when Ryan moves in on her prospective clients by using his money, April challenges him to a bet. He can't use any of his financial resources to seal the deals and at the end, they'll see who has sewn up the most accounts. This is one unusual battle and may the best person winand who knows, maybe they'll both win the game of love.

Loaded with humor and fun, FALLING FOR APRIL is an endearing and lighthearted read. Lisa Plumley has a knack for humor. (Mar., 353 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith