Image of Falling for the Cowboy


Image of Falling for the Cowboy
FALLING FOR THE COWBOY (4) by Mary Leo: Dr. Blake Granger has a problem. He definitely should not be attracted to his receptionist’s sister Maggie Daniels, especially since he just hired her. Maggie knows that her attraction to Blake is not a good idea as he is rooted in Briggs, Idaho — a place where she can’t stay. Formerly a marketing vice president, she is only taking the job for her sister’s peace of mind, but she will be moving on. Blake has been hurt by a career woman before, and the end result left him raising his daughter on his own. He knows this attraction can go nowhere even as he and Maggie give in to it, but when the big city comes calling, will he be enough to make Maggie stay? Leo’s original characters give new life to an oft-used plot.
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Sabrina Cooper