Not everyone can become a local legend at age 14, but Gracie Landon man-aged to. Lovestruck Gracie stalked Riley Whitefield and seriously interfered with his dating habits. Things came to a head when Riley married his pregnant girlfriend and Gracie was shipped off to live with relatives.

Gracie has avoided her Los Lobos hometown for years, but her sister's wedding forces her to return. After spending more than a decade away, however, Riley too has returned home and is running for mayor.

After a series of events, Gracie winds up in a compromising position with Riley, which reminds the town of their past history. But things are different this time: Gracie is of age, and Riley suddenly sees more than his worst nightmare. But his run for mayor is not all that it seems, and it appears that someone is hell-bent on sabotaging them both.

Talk about trying to live down your past! Gracie and Riley's unique history is a wonderful springboard for this romantic charmer. Both characters have regrets, but it is what they do in the present that makes them so entertaining. Mallery's wit and wisdom is pitch-perfect as usual. (Mar., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith