Fifteen years ago Cassie Madison's boyfriend, Joe Warner, ran away with Cassie's sister, Harriet, to get married. Her sibling's betrayal caused a rift in the family that sent Cassie, bags packed, to New York City. Now her father's imminent death reunites Cassie with her past.

Her sister phones to let Cassie know their father, Judge Madison, is dying and Cassie arrives just in time to say goodbye. In her devastated state, she is stunned to learn her father has willed her his house. The Judge made it no secret that he wanted his daughter to come home, and now he is placing ties that'll be hard to break.

Harriet and Joe's marriage is going strong; they have five children to show from it. After all this time, Dr. Sam Parker wishes Cassie would let go of the past. He was there when Cassie discovered the truth about Harriet and Joe, and he'd like to help her make a new start in the future. There's one thing he hasn't counted on, however—Cassie's engaged to her boss in New York.

Karen White hits all the right notes with this powerful and moving family drama. FALLING HOME is a touching, sad, joyful and rewarding read. (Jun., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith