Sweet, quiet, country-bred heiress Mallory Edwards and John Barron were very young when their families formed an alliance and saw to their marriage. John left the morning after the wedding to seek a life as a soldier away from his marriage and its obligations. Years later, just evicted from her home because payments from John's accountant cease, Mallory travels to London determined to ask for a divorce.

John is flabbergasted when a beautiful harridan creates a scene in his mistress' home and even more stunned when he discovers who she is. Flinging his wife over his shoulder, John takes Mallory home where he discovers she has been telling him the truth.

Needing to hide from his creditors and evade debtor's prison, Mallory and John embark on a journey to both find a safe haven and expose the man who embezzled John's fortune. But they discover much more. John realizes that the girl he was forced to marry is a charming, intelligent and sensual woman, while Mallory realizes John is a real man, not the boy she recalls. Perhaps this marriage can work after all.

Cathy Maxwell has a flair for writing charming, witty, funny and sexy Regency romances that delight the mind and fill the heart with joy. This is a not to be missed pleasure. SENSUAL (Aug., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin