First off, is the sensually sizzling of FALLING STAR (4.5) by Karen Wiesner. Though spicy, FALLING STAR is tastefully written and the Christianity real. The characters struggles offer hope to those of us who stumble along the path on life's journey. Karen Wiesners new book is an electronic gem.

Rori is a stripper who longs to return to classical dance, however, her job at Baby Dolls pays the bills. But, there's no running home to Daddy for the high school bad girl.

Her next door neighbor, Nathan Jovanovich, has been in love with Rori since high school, but felt his attraction undermined his call to the ministry.

Now, 11 years later, Nate's a pastor and a widowed father with a reputation to consider.

But can he continue to deny what is in his heart?

(www.hardshell.com, $5.00 disk, $3.50 dl)

Reviewed by: 
Roberta Blair