Twilight fans will be tripping over themselves to read Hayes’ new series. This powerful love story will take your breath away as you are transported to the world of Serendipity Falls. A fresh new take on a beautiful love story between a demon and a human, who are willing to risk it all for each other.

Theia has been a prisoner for a long time, in a prison of her own making. She does nothing reckless and keeps mostly to herself. Yet all of that changes when a boy begins to haunt her every dream. And when she meets this boy, Haden, in real life, she must face herself. Theia and Haden’s feelings for each other grow, and even though Theia knows he is not safe, she can’t seem to stay away. Then reality steps in. Haden isn’t human, he is otherworldly. Yet Theia can’t deny her feelings, and she may lose more than just her heart to Haden — she just might lose her soul. (NAL, Mar., 336 pp., $9.99, ISBN: 9780451232687, PB, 14 & Up)
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