Gripping suspense will keep the reader immersed in this fast-paced novel. While the abundance of life-threatening incidents that Nick and Claire are involved in seem to exceed what most mortals could survive, the mystery remains intense until the final clue is revealed.Claire's attraction to the handsome, widowed sheriff is believable given the slow revelation that her marriage wasn't as secure as she had thought. However, the subplot of one woman's obsessive attraction to Nick and subsequent hatred of Claire seems to detract from the flow of the plot.

Claire Malvern and her husband, Keith, escape their hectic lifestyle in Seattle for the picturesque beauty of Portfalls, WA, where they renovate an old fishing lodge to start a new business venture. But when Claire awakens in the middle of the night to discover Keith missing, she never dreams that her 911 call will initiate events that quickly speak of deception and murder.

Sheriff Nick Braden and his team discover Keith's body among the rapids, leading Nick to believe that Keith is one of the many who have committed suicide from a nearby bridge infamous for its attraction to suicidal jumpers. But Claire refuses to believe his conclusion and continues to search through her husband's belongings to prove that Keith's death was the result of foul play.

Nick begins to believe that Keith just might have been murdered when someone starts threatening Claire with an eerie deer corpse and a vicious attack. As the two become more personally involved and move closer to finding the murderer, the killer is watching, hoping to dispose of them before they discover the truth.

(Jun., 400 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick