Image of False Impressions (An Izzy McNeil Novel)


Image of False Impressions (An Izzy McNeil Novel)

Caldwell delivers another terrific story featuring her attorney/private detective Izzy McNeil. The characters are first-rate, and the reader will become emotionally involved with Izzy and the supporting cast. The mystery itself is a bit of a letdown, though, and ultimately feels unnecessary. It all boils down to Izzy making a life-changing decision, and that is enough to recommend it.

Izzy is almost ready to take over a law firm while the current head is on maternity leave. A friend asks her to look into a possible forgery case at an art gallery owned by Madeline Saga. Saga’s reputation is at stake when it’s discovered that some of the paintings she sold as originals are actually fakes. When Madeline is threatened, Izzy must find out who among her artistic circle wants her dead. (MIRA, Aug., 400 pp, $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jeff Ayers