For nearly a year, video game designer Martie Rhodes has been supporting her friend Susan Jagger through a battle with agoraphobia, prodding her to attend counseling sessions with Dr. Mark Ahriman.

Suddenly however, it is Martie who inexplicably starts to experience a feeling of unnamed dread. While she cant rationally explain her fear, Martie becomes convinced she cant be trusted not to hurt someone. By the time Martie's husband Dusty gets home, she has fallen into a full-fledged case of autophobia, the fear of ones self.

Martie and Dusty immediately start looking for medical reasons for Martie's abrupt transformation. They arrange for an appointment with Dr. Ahriman, but tragedy strikes and Susan is found dead, an apparent suicide. Dusty and Martie had better get to the heart of her phobia soon, or they too could end up like Susan.

Remarkable storyteller Dean Koontz serves up another of his patented thrillers that skillfully blend a touch of creepiness with chilling terror and heart pounding suspense. (Jan., 640 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith