Kingsbury's spin-off of her bestselling Redemption series takes up movie star Dayne Matthews' life following the stunning discovery of his birth family—people who don't even know he exists. The paparazzi that stalk him would intrude ruthlessly on them, so Dayne walks away, hoping that stardom will compensate for his loneliness. In his travels, he meets Katy Hart, a talented and untainted actress who could play opposite him in his new movie.

Katy struggles with the decision of a lifetime. Should she pursue the dream of fame that died with her boyfriend years ago, or continue her work with kids in Christian theater? Meanwhile, a stalker zeros in on Dayne and this new woman in his life.

Kingsbury plays emotions with a delicate virtuosity that keeps readers coming back for more. Fans of the dramatic family saga will welcome this new Firstborn series. (Jun., 350 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson