Image of Family (Firstborn Series-Baxter 2, Book 4)


Image of Family (Firstborn Series-Baxter 2, Book 4)

The fourth book in Kingsbury's Firstborn series gives an in-depth look at the price Dayne pays for fame. It's pleasant to meet the characters again, but the plot moves slowly. The portions involving Katy's assault trial are exciting, and the process of forging a new family is heartwarming and real. But the tabloid/paparazzi aversion is
overdone and gets tediously preachy. The overall theme of learning to trust God's priorities rather than what feels convenient is soul-stirring. Fans of the series will enjoy this new addition,
but newcomers may be lost in the
continuing saga.

Katy Hart doesn't know what to expect from the upcoming trial. She's fallen deeper in love with Dayne Matthews, but his fame gets in the way of their relationship. Now that her identity will be brought into the open, can she handle the effects?

Dayne is happy that he has connected with his father John Baxter and hungry to meet his siblings. He's not anxious to expose them to any media scrutiny, yet there doesn't seem to be another option. (TYNDALE, Oct., 353 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel