After several disastrous relationships, Cheryl Joyner found a man who could provide the stability she craved. Despite the 19-year age difference, Howard and Cheryl have a satisfying marriage.

This bond is tested when Howards 22-year-old son David returns home. David is a Vietnam Vet who was a POW and managed to escape. He spent several months in a military hospital before being discharged. Howard wants David to follow him into the business world, but David has other plans.

The first surprise is the fact that David has impulsively married a woman he met while in the hospital. Angela is a vibrant, hip and warm young womandreadfully out of place in 1960s Holland Spring, Ohio. The next big shocker is that David wants to go to college to teach religion.

Cheryl and Howard are unable to understand Davids contrary behavior. Angela decides she cant cope so she leaves. In order to help her stepson, Cheryl starts to learn more about the war and how it is affecting returning soldiers. But while helping David to rediscover himself, Cheryl is suddenly finding him all too attractive.

The Vietnam War left deep scars on the psyches of many families. Ms. Riefes novel ponders questions of forgiveness, loyalty and love. (Dec., 166 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith