Brenda Reid is not only determined to never again date another colleague but also to prove to her disbelieving—yet well-intentioned—family that she is capable of dating more than textbooks. A Ph.D. recipient by the age of 20, Brenda is accustomed to fast-paced achievement. However, from the way Dr. Wesley Cooper instantly makes her blood rush, it's clear Brenda is inexperienced with the velocity of Cupid's arrow.

A fear of flying leads Brenda to embark on a 10-day train ride down South. Happy and excited to meet new people and clear all thoughts of Wes, as soon as she settles in her train compartment, there is a knock at the door. From the moment, Wes shows up at her door, this intellectual's pulse—plus the entire pace of the novel—picks up.

A FAMILY AFFAIR will touch your heart with its depiction of relationships eluded and fortified as Ms. Hailstock takes a stimulating look at changeable responses to love. The author does an excellent job of tying the long-standing support of Brenda's family into the skittish tendencies of new romance. It's one of the feel-good romances of the season—Brenda and Wes are the best couple to share a profession since Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee. (Aug., 281 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Nikki Roberts