Ex-cop-turned-P. I. Sunny Randall is from a family of Boston cops. Her ex-but-still-beloved husband, Richie, though a good guy, comes from a family of mobsters. This has caused problems in the pastincluding their divorcebut on this case, Richies about to become Sunnys most valuable ally.

Gubernatorial candidate Brock Patton hires Sunny to track down his runaway teenage daughter, Millicent. When Sunny finds her, shes hooking on the street for a brutal pimp, but still refuses to go home. Now Sunny has to figure out what to do with the troubled teenand why prostitution is more attractive than home. After being ambushed in a terrifying shootout, Sunny realizes that she, or Millicent, has been targeted by a ruthless Irish gang.

With a little help from her friendsincluding Rosie, her miniature bull terrier, her best friend Spike, and RichieSunny untangles the various strands of corruption and deceit, saves her own life and Millicents, and even puts the Patton family back together again, in a new and improved form.

Parker is better than ever in his first female sleuth novel. Sunny isnt just a female Spensershes a unique creation, a complex, intelligent, independent and kind woman who figures out as she goes along how to get the job done, while still preserving her integrity. Happily, Sunny and her cohorts do share the witty dialogue and riveting action scenes that are Parkers trademarks. I hope well see much, much more of Sunny. (Nov., 322 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Laurie Davie