Image of The Family Next Door (Love Inspired)


Image of The Family Next Door (Love Inspired)
THE FAMILY NEXT DOOR (3) by Barbara McMahon: When the great-grandmother Gillian Parker never knew existed leaves her a house in Rocky Point, Maine, Gillian pulls up stakes and moves there from Las Vegas. Though things get off to a rocky start with widowed neighbor Joe Kincaid, they soon mellow, especially when his 7-year-old daughter befriends Gillian. But the father Gillian hasn't seen in 20 years soon makes an appearance and attempts to lay claim to her inheritance. A fire and a suspicious accident have her wondering if someone may not want her in Rocky Point. McMahon's nice story is a bit stilted in places, but it has a small mystery, a slight bit of suspense and very prayerful characters.
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley