Werewolf Tavist Darke is desolate over the loss of his wife and son. Now love has returned to him in the form of a mortal. But to win her love, he must first win her trust--not an easy task, since her ex-husband abused her and the children.

Tracey West is frightened of all strangers. When her new neighbor comes courting in the guise of a handyman, she is dubious about his motives. As she watches him strive to win the devotion of her children, however, she finds her heart captivated and her body burning for Tavist. But Tracey's dreams of love turn to ashes when she discovers Tavist is a werewolf. She hardens her heart against him, despite the fact he was wounded protecting her children. After her ex-husband escapes from prison, however, Tavist proves he's more than an animal when he fights to protect Tracey.

Massa excellently shows grown men and wolves crying over child abuse. All of her scenes are emotionally charged, but the scene in which 10-year-old Ashley discovers Tavist in wolf form and confides that her dad abused the family is a tearjerker. A beautiful love story with wonderful humor and memorable characters. (dl $5.75)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith