Meet the Bennett family. According to the family patriarch, 15 years is a long enough time for his family to be divided.

Now meet the first cousins. A single mom with two daughters, Tayes strained relationship with her own mother makes her feel like the family outcast. That is, until her self-righteous mothers own secret skeletons are dragged from the closest.

Michael, an airline pilot, learns as an adult that he was adopted and no longer feels like a Bennett. Concern about his teenaged daughter and special feelings for Taye draw him back inside the family fold. RaeJean, a physician, is engaged to a co-workerwhich may cause familial tension because of his ethnic background.

Chockful of romance, Mrs. Jacksons knack for building relationships is excellently displayed. A potential family scandal is thwarted when we learn that family is not defined by the sharing of bloodlines but by love. (Sep., 320 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Sims